You Can’t Fight City Hall

We got an early morning, frantic phone call the other day from one of our neighbors. Apparently the 16 acre parcel next to our home (which abuts several of our other neighbors) was sold at auction recently due to non-payment of taxes. The person who bought this residential piece of land just applied for a permit and is going to erect a solar farm. The new owner works for the town, knows practically everybody on the Town Planning Board and was able to get some solar planning laws changed without much fan fare. That’s how politicians do their work. They benefit themselves rather than that of their constituents.


photo2.jpg - 1

We can clearly see the top of the mock-up solar panel

The good news is that the new solar laws limit the erection of a solar farm to only two acres. The bad news is that this solar farm is going to be erected on the two acres that are closest to our own property line. They already put up wood mock-ups to show where the panels will reside and they are clearly visible from my home. Not to worry, they told us. The new laws promptly attest that fencing and strict, high, vegetation (as in trees) will block our view.

The entrance way into this property is on another side road, far away from our home. So, traffic and noise due to the constant influx of trucks and service people won’t affect us. Nonetheless, it WILL affect my other neighbors and they are in an uproar. Already they have banded together, researched zoning laws, found out what rights they have and are seeking legal council. Practically all of my neighbors are super wealthy (don’t ask how DH and I fit in here) and have already put the solar company on notice that whatever resources it takes to fight them, they will do.

I have found all of this charade to be quite comical. Why? Because practically ALL of my neighbors are progressive liberal Democrats from New York City who voted for Obama and Hillary and chanted the great environmental benefits of solar energy. Unfortunately, each and every one of these phony imbeciles practice NIMBY. You know what that means, don’t you? NOT IN MY BACK YARD.  You can do whatever it is you want to do, but not anywhere near them or their property.

The only ones who are seriously going to be impacted by all of this is my husband and myself. Probably the new solar company is going to make a deal with us (as they hinted) and give us lifetime free electricity. Of course, I want that in writing AND I want to offer said freebie to the new buyers of my home! Ah, sigh of relief. Isn’t it grand to be a capitalist pig and get these morons to pay me off? And if we don’t get what we want from the solar panel company, DH and I WILL join forces with our neighbors and sign on with the class action lawsuit which will probably hold off the solar company for many years to come. Just don’t know how that is going to affect our resale value.

RI backyard

backyard of Rhode Island beach house

DH and I were planning on selling our NY home anywhere between another year to four more (once DH turns 65). The sale of this home was to be a major contributor to our retirement funding. This won’t be the first time an anticipated financial windfall bit the dust on us. After owning our Newport Rhode Island beach house for 10 years and accumulating a tidy profit, we saw all of that evaporate when the EPA declared ALL the houses closest to the ocean to be refitted with above-the-ground septic systems. I understood the EPA’s concerns (as more and more septic overflows settled down into the bay and surrounding bodies of ocean water) but I detested their corruption. Homeowners could only contract with the companies the EPA suggested. Granted, yes, there was low-cost public funding available (seven years at 2.5%) BUT very few homeowners qualified for the low-cost financing, and that included yours truly, ME! The new septic system cost $37,000 and the only way I could get financing ( I refused to use my own money) was for me to move out, rent out my home (at least for a year) and apply for a mortgage. So much for living debt free, eh? I got the loan, I moved out, rented my dear home for the verified year, had the work done, waited out the year and then put my beach house up for sale. If you look at the photo, the new septic system had to be put in the back of the home. Since it’s above ground, it’s an eyesore PLUS who really wants to use that backyard anymore? It’s a septic system! We sold the house for $50,000 LESS than what I paid for it over ten years ago. Throw in the $37,000 septic cost and all the financing/brokers fees and we were looking at a loss of at least $100,000.

I hope the fishes are sleeping much better tonight knowing that their water is so much safer thanks to the EPA.

Politicians and the environment are again attacking my most peaceful life. I don’t think any of us can escape the government anymore. They see homeowners as cash cows, ready to be exploited and striped naked at a snap of their finger. After seventeen years of living in this tranquil, what I thought to be, residential, agricultural farm land, it is now being turned into a money-hungry, greedy project the Town Board can’t wait to collect their ill-gotten tax money from (there’s big tax payments due from solar farms….but you knew that, right?)

If DH and I can negotiate free electricity, then so be it. More power to us (no pun intended). Would you buy a home next to a solar farm if free electricity was included? Hell yes! It’s quiet. No pollution. No environmental impact. Just free, clean, all-you-want electricity.

DH and I have already calculated yet another financial hit to our retirement coffers, just in case. I’m the Empress Of Frugal Living. I can make due with any amount of money you throw at me. That’s the genius of me and I’m proud of it! Our Florida condo was purchased with this exact scenario in mind. If all else failed, DH and I can live quite comfortably and happily-ever-after in our Florida condo solely on our Social Security checks! Thank goodness we have our new RV so we can travel each summer and stay cool. We’ve even started thinking that maybe we can buy a similar, affordable condo in the Rocky Mountains or Adirondacks if possible (I still want a beach place and a mountain place). We will get some money from the sale of our NY home. The unknown factor now is ‘how much’? In any event, I’ll make it work. Nothing is going to deter DH and I from living our best lives yet.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.

This Is What Is Wrong With America

kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin holding bloody, decapitated (fake) head of our President Trump

They’re called Progressive Liberals. You know, like the kind Hillary Clinton claims to be. They hate Catholics and they despise Christians. They believe in partial birth abortion. They believe in taking from the rich and doling it back out to the poor. They believe that if you don’t believe exactly what they tell you to believe and speak and say exactly what they tell you to say, they will destroy you. Just like they are trying to destroy Donald Trump and anything else that hints at being a Conservative. Their chant is ‘Resist!” I ask, resist what? Better jobs? Lower taxes? An end to climate change mania? Trumps only goal is to give a better life to the forgotten Americans who have fallen by the wayside, these past eight years. The media won’t cover them, so how could you possibly know they exist?

I’m done with this fucking country. I never liked being an American in the first place. Thankfully America is huge enough that it gives me plenty of space to hide away and forget. I was ashamed of being an American in the 60’s and I don’t see much difference now.

President Trump has avowed NOT to change Social Security and Medicare. That’s all I care about now that I am in my retirement years. The only thing Trump wants to change is the corruption and mismanagement of all those embezzled Medicare funds. Once Trump recovers that money, he’ll make Medicare Great Again.

I have no doubt that President Trump will succeed and Make American Great Again.    In the interim, if you are a Progressive Liberal, you’re not welcome in my house. The uber left is mentally sick. You are dying of a mental disease that is eating you up alive from the inside. Donald Trump won the election. He is your President fair and square. The Democrats can look under every rock and stone to find some Russian collusion.

You ain’t gonna find it.