Release The (Free) Crackle

There’s a free movie and TV streaming service (yes! I said F R E E) that if you don’t mind watching a few commercials, can save you a bunch of money. It’s a Sony Network, called Crackle (click here). It’s very easy to set up. I set it up right through my Vizio flat screen TV and within seconds, was saving money. You can also watch on any of your other devices such as a smartphone, iPhone, iPad and your computer. The quality is excellent. The choices new and different. Throw in a few oldie TV shows like Seinfield and Who’s The Boss and you have a very nice alternative to high cable bills, high Netflix and Hulu bills, etc. etc.


For more information, click here. Happy weekend movie watching!

A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar I Didn’t Have To Work For

It’s never been a secret of mine to reveal to the masses that I detest working for a living. I hated it when I took my first job for Merrill Lynch down on Wall Street when I was a seventeen year old senior in high school. And I hated it when I breathed my last day on a part-time job when I was fifty-five and working for yet another attorney. UGH. I couldn’t drive home fast enough.

Over the years I discovered if I handled whatever money I earned frugally, I didn’t have to work so hard OR for so long. I made up my own ‘Art Of The Deal‘.  Buy low and spend low and sock as much money away in a bank account as possible. Stay out of debt as much as possible and live below your means as small as you can. Never pay retail. Never buy new if you don’t have to. And only buy what you need NOT what you want. Figure out the barest of necessities and then, still go lower.

Never stop learning to be frugal. Never stop learning how to save money. Learn from other like-minded people. You don’t know everything. Times are always changing. Change with the times and learn all the tricks of the trade. I betcha there’s an app for that! When you make a new frugal discovery, share it with everybody. The universe will share right back at you!

I enjoy saving money, living as frugally as possible. It’s a joy and a pleasure to live this way. Learn the true value of things, the true price of labor and other pleasures in life. Pay the reality price not the exorbitant price. But always, always enjoy your life! That’s the secret to living an authentic frugal life. If taking a cruise in Alaska is on your wish list, you have the money and the resources to make it happen. Make it happen BUT on your terms. NOT theirs. You can have and you can do and you can go anywhere on this earth that you want to. Just make sure it’s priced right!

Live well and prosper, my friends. Live well and prosper.

Disney. Only For The Rich.


I’m getting tired of Mickey Mouse. Aren’t you?

In case you didn’t know, attendance at all the World Wide Disney Parks are down at least 17%. (click here) Why? Because Disney raised their park entrance fees by 20%. Disney isn’t worried. In fact, they are elated. Why? Because fewer people are attending, less work has to be done and because of the high raise in entrance fees, Disney’s profits are up. Makes perfect corporate business sense: work less, reduce your overhead, raise rates and watch your profits soar.


I’m certain Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave. This is not what Mr. Disney had in mind when he started his theme park enterprises. Walt Disney wanted to build a place where ALL children could go and have fun (with their parents, friends and relatives). Walt Disney called his theme parks the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’.

Here’s a comment from Disney Inc. regarding their drop in attendance: But while attendance fell, profits during that same time did not. The park portion of the Walt Disney Company had an operating income of $3.3 billion in 2016, which the Times reports is a 9% increase from the year before; again, an increase that could be attributed to the new pricing systems. So while fewer folks are going to the parks, those attending, no matter if they’re coming in on a peak holiday, are perhaps having a better experience than in the years before.

I don’t know about you but paying a $107 entrance fee to enter the (un) Magic Kingdom comes to around $428 for a family of four. That’s a helluva lot of money. Throw in a few meals (Disney frowns upon attendees bringing in their own food) and a few souvenirs and you’re looking at a one day price tag of almost $1,000. Granted yes, you can save (?) money by buying a multi-day pass BUT that means you have to stay in your hotel longer, have more meals out, buy more souvenirs, thus more ka-ching! No matter how you slice it, what you do and/or where you stay, if you’re going to Disney World it’s going to cost you big bucks. Sadly, Disney has now become a theme park for only the rich.

So, what’s a parent or fun-seeking child to do? Fortunately, Disney World isn’t the only game in town. Especially in Florida or California. You have Universal Studios, LegoLand, Harry Potter and Dinosaur Land to name just a few alternatives. In fact, attendance at Universal is up 7.5% (click here). Don’t forget you have Six Flags and as I have just recently discovered, DollyWood.

thDolly Parton, county music’s superstar (bless her ever-loving country heart) has built a beautiful, 150 acre, down home theme park in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. (click here) There’s a theme park, water park, resort, dinner show and lovely cabins to make your stay a memorable one. Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, DollyWood is a 150-acre family destination and ranks among the “best of the best” in theme parks for Best Shows, Best Food, Best Christmas Event, Best New Ride for Wild Eagle, and Friendliest Park!

A one day pass to DollyWood Theme park for an adult is only $67. Children between the ages of 4 to 11, plus senior citizens age 60 and older get a discount! Hello grandma and grandpa! A one day pass to the water park is only $49 for adults with the same child and senior discounts applied. Of course, if you get a multi, dual park pass you will save even more money. Plus, if you buy 4 passes, as in a family of four, Dolly takes off another $40 in savings! I wouldn’t walk to DollyWood. I’d run!!!

With more than 40 rides, 15 exceptional shows, five of the South’s largest festivals, Southern-style dining, and the friendliest employees in the world . . . DollyWood is an award-winning destination! DH and I have put a visit to DollyWood on our Bucket List. It’ll be one of the places we are going to stop at and see while traveling in our new RV on our way to The Grand Canyon.

th-1And to heck with Disney. Thankfully, we Americans still have a fellow American, Dolly Parton who truly cares about us, is not corporate greedy AND just wants us to have fun AND enjoy life in her home town.

Thank you, Dolly. We appreciate it.

We will always love you.

PS: Netflix is running an excellent, luscious French version of Beauty And The Beast. The movie is dubbed but the story line is excellent, the visuals divine, the costumes, the scenery, this version will just take your heart away! AND IT’S FREE (with your Netflix subscription).

Want To Reconnect To Your Inner Child? Anne With An “E” Will Show You How.

This isn’t the sugary, make-believe story of Anne Of Green Gables. Nope. This current adaption, now streaming on Netflix (click here) is more true to life and probably all too authentic to what real little girls (like you and me) had to endure growing up. We may not all have been orphans like Anne BUT we can relate to what it felt like to be ridiculed at school by our peers, shunned at church for our beliefs, forsaken by parents who may not have loved us all that much and perhaps we were secretly abused by adult relations. Bring a hankie with you because each and every episode of Season One of Anne With An “E” is going to make you cry. And you’re going to love every single second of it.

Version 2

Anne when she first sees the magnificence of Green Gables

After seeing the first episode, I myself could not look at the country side as I did before. As Anne marveled at the splendor of all the greenery and lakes that surrounded Green Gables, I decided to look inside my own backyard with the eyes of a child. Just like Anne, I heard the birds for the first time, smelled the freshly cut lawn with a renewed appreciation and doted on the swaying trees seeing them also, with a new sense of child-like wonder. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how fortunate we are that we have a bed to sleep in at night, a family who loves us, multiple clothes to wear and a vast array of food choices to adorn our dinner table each and every night.

Anne With An “E” is magnificently played by actress Amybeth McNulty. If her portrayal of a young girl with an imagination doesn’t ignite your own inner child, then I implore you to watch and re-watch this magical young girl until you do! Our imaginations, when we were young, shielded us from harm and catapulted us to places we could……..yes…..dare I say it? Only dream of!

Reconnect to your own inner child through this delightful, current, trendy rendition of Anne Of Green Gables. No, I never read the book when I was younger and honestly, I’m glad I never did. Anne With An “E” is MY kind of woman. Can’t wait till Season Two!