This Is What Keeps Me Wealthy

Saving money, through my frugality, is the way I make and keep myself wealthy, healthy and wise. Some highlighted accomplishments this past month:

1. Saved $344.71 off my hubby’s medical bill when a quick review by me notated some billing errors. A pleasant phone call to the doctor’s billing department and I got those charges taken off the bill. READ everything people!

2. I received a $40 rebate credit card from Home Depot instead of $20. This was due, in part, for waiting an extra week before buying deck paint because the salesperson told me about an upcoming special sale/rebate program on the very exact paint I was going to buy. Results: $70 worth of paint for only $30 and now I get to spend that $40 rebate card on any other little thing I may need.

3. DH and I have been going out to diners for the last 36 years for a occassional Sunday breakfast. We were ‘in the mood’ for a Sunday morning outing last weekend BUT the thought of spending over $27 for only a breakfast has gotten to be ridiculous for us now. Instead, we went to McDonald’s and got the ‘everything’ breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage patty, home fries, biscuit and a stack of fluffy pancakes each and we ‘shared’ a great big cup of hot coffee for only $11. Don’t knock a McDonald’s breakfast. We eat a lot of McMuffins while out on the road. The meal was great and what was even better was saving the $16 from NOT going to the diner.

iphone7lineup4. Saved $400 off the purchase of two current iPhone 7 models because next month the new iPhone 8 is coming out. Retailers are now getting ready to ‘dump’ their ‘old’ stock to make way for the new stock. I also bought cases for our iPhones online from WalMart. My case was $8.99 marked down from $29 (it’s pink….so what! so is my new iPhone 7Plus). DH likes the Survivor series of cases. His was $27 online marked down from $44 in the store.

5. I stoop to pick up pennies. Nothing is too small for me. Every week I shop at Aldi whereby the customer has to use a quarter in order to get a shopping cart. You get the quarter back when you return the shopping cart. Do you know how many people do NOT return their shopping cart and just leave them in the parking lot? Especially if it’s raining or cold outside? Lots. I average at least returning 4 extra carts per week which nets me about $1.00 (four quarters). I put the change in my piggy bank back home. After a few weeks I have made enough money for a free movie ticket!

Also, because I am ALWAYS returning other lazy peoples shopping cart, one cart this week had two still-frozen and cold packages of breaded shrimp! Each package has a retail value of $8 and even though I am allergic to shrimp, I grabbed them and threw them into my cooler. DH loves shrimp but because of my allergy hasn’t had them in years. Now he can fry up some for his own dinner. Score!


my taffy prize & 2 boxes of shrimp

6. I entered a contest and won the first prize, which was a pound of delicious salt-water taffy. (delish) This was no accident. I looked over the respondents entries and calculated a more accurate response plus based on the number of entries, my percentage of my winning the competition was very high. My theory paid off. I won! I can bring the taffy to the movies next time I go. If I ever go. Or just have it while I watch yet another free month of either Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

7. I received a notification for former Sirius Radio subscribers of a class action suit settlement. When we bought our two Dodge/Chrysler cars each came with 3 months free satellite radio service. I registered both vehicles as defendants in the class action suit and was recently notified that one car will get 3 months of Sirius for free and the other vehicle will get a refund check worth 3 months of service. That’s the way I structured the refunds. Cash & free service! Seriously, is there any other way to do things? Total value: $90.

my piggy bank

My piggy bank filled with mostly found money!



8 thoughts on “This Is What Keeps Me Wealthy

  1. Love this post. Funny story pertinent to you returning carts: One DS is a coin collector, and makes it a habit to swipe his hand on the Coinstar machine every time he passes by it. He’s found several silver coins that way. DH, siblings and I make it a habit to do it for him now too.

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  2. Hi Cindi, I use frugal ways and reviewing receipts and bills for accuracy also. So I thought I would share some comparison.
    1. My DH’s 3 million medical bill was riddled with misbilling. I was diligent instead of over eighty thousand billed to me it spanned two years, I paid instead my maximum responsibility of $6500 going over the bills with the hospital and insurance company to get it right.
    2. Home Depot made a mistake not ordering one of my rooms of carpet and they took $100 off this carpet.
    3. Got bids from five painters to remove a textured ceiling and went with the local one that had invested in a hypoallergenic vacuuming system for the plaster sanding and paid cash discounting the job by $400. Also got a third coat of paint because of uneven drying. So worth not having plaster dust through out my entire home. It looks marvelous!
    4. I desperately needed a car in 1994 and a new grocery store was having a Grand Opening with the Grand prize being a Mercury Capri-no limit on number of entries. The manager announced it when I was checking out and said better odds then the lottery. So for two weeks while We watch TV we filled out entries and dropped them off the next day. Five prizes drawn from the smallest prize to the car, limited to winning only one. Mine was drawn last and my daughters friend had heard it on the radio! Fate or perseverance, God blesses those who are in need.
    5. Never found a shopping cart loose at my Aldi’s, but I like to pay it forward and give it to somebody. I refuse the coin and tell them to pay it forward too. On my last shopping trip the women took the cart and returned it instead of using it and proceeded in the store without the cart! She smiled at me as I watch her. And I thought she must be thinking What a fool I am.
    6. I learned the value of picking up coins from my Mom, when my brother went to Vietnam she funded our Christmas with her found coin stash, because the collect calls from him were $165. Just to put this in perspective, their monthly mortgage with property taxes was $190!
    7. The only time I have breakfast out is when I am traveling, either the free breakfast at the hotel or Burger King or McDonald’s. With frugal grocery shopping and coupons I never pay more then 25 cents total, and I can’t get to any place in gas for that. How about the Eggs at 64 cents/ dozen at Aldi’s last week in the Northeast! Breakfast today was coffee, 3 cents x2 cups, English muffin from thrift store 18 multigrain pack for a $1.00 , 6 cents, egg 5 cents, cheese Five cents made into a sandwich, chives and organic raspberries free from seeds from neighbor and birds. Hey, Did you get on your McDonald’s receipt the survey again for the buy one get one free sandwich or Egg McMuffins. Ours still had it when I took the grandkids for their free cones from their library reading program, where they happily played for two hours by themselves in the air conditioning kids jungle gym.
    Being alert for frugal means to stretch the dollars you spend so your savings have the ability to compound always brings a smile to me, too! 🍀Lara


    • Lara, you take the cake with winning a free car. That is most spectacular! I have NEVER won anything of substance. But I also don’t take the chance either.
      Yes, I do the McDonald’s free McMuffin when I fill out the receipt. That’s why we eat so many of them while on the road. LOL!
      People don’t realize that every frugal penny you save makes YOU wealthier.
      When I looked over DH’s current medical bill, there were so many errors. The best one being they listed my husband as only 8 years old. I wish! Gotta look at everything nowadays!
      Thanks, as always for sharing.


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