End Of Summer Review

DH and I had some very solid goals we wanted to accomplish this summer (June, July & August). Number One was to increase our savings account. Number Two was to NOT take any money out of our savings account once it got there. Number Three was to pay off all our old (last year) credit card debt.  We also wanted to start making our house ready for sale, even though we have a one to four year time horizon on that.

#1. We only increased our savings account by $2,000. You’ll see why in a few seconds.

#2. We did NOT take one single penny out of any of our savings accounts. For anything!

#3. Within the next two weeks, DH and I will have paid off $14,317.24 in credit card debt. The last lingering card had a balance of $5,542.93 on it and I didn’t think we were going to make it. But we did. In another two weeks, the balance will be paid off in full and all of the debt that we incurred last year, due to hubby’s illness, will now be paid off. Hubby has since recovered, after about a year off. He has returned back to work this summer, working on a specific time-restrained project. We both agreed and vowed we would only live off our passive income and channel MOST of his income towards our debt.

In addition, we paid cash for these home improvements:

a. landscaping $575

b. new kitchen appliances $1350

c. new office/den flooring, plus labor $360

d. power wash & paint existing deck, paint plus labor $280

We also paid $1,226 HOA fees without dipping into our savings, which is what we usually do. In September, we will be paying our annual property taxes in full (in order to save $160 from the installment fee) in the amount of $3,700. This amount will also NOT come out of our savings account like it normally does.

One last thing, out of DH’s earnings, we put down a $1,500 deposit on a brand new RV and then, gulp, you guessed it, we took out a $14,577.38 RV loan which in essence sort of replaces Item#3, as listed above. Our plan is, next summer, DH should hopefully get the same summer project management he got this summer and we can pay off the RV loan in full. I have always said that retirement is absolutely no time whatsoever to be in debt.

But sometimes, you just have to party on.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.

Side Note: For anyone who thinks this was easy, it wasn’t. Hubby was up at 5:00AM each morning and on the job by 7:30AM. He did not get back home til 7:30PM. The drive each way was 1.5 hours. He did this for 5 days per week straight, which if anyone knows my husband, that alone is an impossibility for him, but he persevered. When he got home each night, I had a good hearty dinner waiting for him, which he ate, then watched at least 15 to 20 minutes of TV until he passed out on the couch. By Saturday, you couldn’t even talk to him. He was exhausted and usually slept most of the day. Sunday he was a bit more chipper but still unable to help me with any chores. He did manage to take the garbage out every once in a while but I basically was on my own. I managed the household, did all the laundry and shopping and food preparation. By Saturday & Sunday, I was exhausted too! Before I went to bed each night, I set his alarm, prepared his coffee (all he had to do was turn on the coffee pot), made his breakfast and his lunch (DH packed his lunch each & every day!) made sure he had clean work clothes & underwear every day. I also took care of the dog.

All DH did, and rightly so, was go to work. If he knew I posted this picture, he’d kill me. But I have a gazillion of them. One worse than the other. Sometimes it was heartbreaking. But, it’s done!


hubby at the end of a work day. don’t let anyone tell you life is easy. it ain’t!




4 thoughts on “End Of Summer Review

  1. There are times you just do what you need to do! Hard worked paid off! I totally get the being exhausted part from both ends of the spectrum. Having a hubby who travels for a living, most of what needs tending on the home front is left for me. Sigh. We do what we need to!

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    • Absolutely, Lucy. This summer for the first time I’ve had to pay someone to cut our grass, paint the deck and other small chores. That came to a few hundred dollars. Ugh! I don’t even want to discuss the fuel/gas costs!
      But, as you said, we do what we have to do. Hubby calls it all part of doing business.
      Thank you for your comment.

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