Falling Short On Paying Off An Old Debt & It’s All Good.

Over the past few months, DH took on a short work project intentionally for the purpose of paying off our old debt. The old debt was all on zero-interest based credit cards and covered some remodeling jobs on our primary home as well as fitting furniture and accessories for our new vacation condo. We’re paying off the old debt in order to pave the road to make room for an RV loan. Since we are technically on a fixed income, we can only carry so much debt that can be comfortably paid for by our passive income. Let me also state that we do indeed have the cash available in our savings account to pay any balance in full should some financial trouble brew but our reasoning is why should we use OUR money when we can easily use THEIRS (i.e the bank’s)?

Our original plan was to pay off about $13K to $14K in consumer debt and replace it with a $14K RV loan. As of this date, August 1, 2017 we have paid off $8,774.31. We have $5,542.93 to go, which at $1,000 per week would have been paid off by the end of August (last payment of $1,542.93) which was exactly when DH’s temporary job position was scheduled to end. As we all know NOTHING goes according to plan. DH’s job prematurely ends in two more weeks after this week. So, we will be $2,542.93 short in paying this old debt off. Coincidentally, our new RV loan payment ($140.29) is due September 2nd.  Again, we are NOT going to withdraw any money out of our savings account. I am just going to transfer the left over balance to another zero interest credit card (no transfer fees due) and take my time paying it off over the next 18 months. DH has some more work days coming up over the course of the year and I’ll just throw that income to this debt.

I don’t know if I’m a smart money manager or not. I don’t know anymore if I’m frugal and savvy due to my intelligence or just my survival skills. I do, however, know this one fact: I want to live this final stage of my life in creature comforts. I want to experience living well and if it means I have to carry some debt in order to achieve it, then that’s what I am going to do. When you have spent your whole life scrimping, saving and doing without, with your eye constantly on that bottom line, at my end of life now, I’m exhausted. I just want to take a deep sigh of relief and just live well. Somehow I seem to have everything under control. I don’t fully understand how I am doing it. I think God is helping me out quite a lot (like the coincidence of DH’s job to pay off the old debt and take on new debt…..that’s nothing short of a miracle. PLUS his new health improvement!)

There’s some secret whispering in my ear going on that’s telling me it’s OK to let my guard down and live a little bit better than I have my whole entire lifetime. I also understand that all of this can be gone in a blink of an eye. But in the interim, I’m taking a deep breath and just doing it. The secret whisperer is telling me NOT to touch my precious savings account BUT to also make sure I do NOT over extend myself beyond our passive income.

I can’t explain it but we are living as though we are multi-millionaires. DH and I are enjoying our lives NOW. All I can say is ‘Praise God’ and thank you. I know all these good things are coming from Him because I certainly don’t know what the heck I am doing. Perhaps it is the knowledge that DH and I are not going to live forever. Perhaps this is really our last hurrah. All I know is that the powers of the universe are inline with supernatural forces. Who am I to buck the system?

I’ve just turned my whole life over to God and I’m doing whatever He tells me to do. I pray and ask Him each and every night for His guidance. These have been the results.


DH and I are following the Mediterranean Diet and have never eaten so well.


My all new appliances in my newly remodeled NY kitchen.

living room1 - 1 copy

My newly furnished Florida condo living room (Cindy Crawford line) w 60inch flat screen TV


My newly remodeled office (new flooring) with the latest, greatest iMac for my digital photography hobby.


12 thoughts on “Falling Short On Paying Off An Old Debt & It’s All Good.

  1. Yes. Yesterday is gone. I really need to remember that.
    Absolutely love your kitchen! White appliances are the way to go. Everything looks so clean and fresh!


    • A little birdie told me that after 17 years, white appliances are making a comeback (stainless steel is out). GE just came out with a super duper line of all white appliances. Give it time. I should be “in” in no time. LOL!
      Thanks for the great compliment. I appreciate it. 🙂


  2. Hi again, I was thinking about this post yesterday and this morning my inner spirit said to me, you and Cindi are in the Grace period of your lives. Calm your thoughts, I have given you much abundance and you need to enjoy it and let go of all the dis-stress. Live in gratitude and with your blessings. You have earned this reward. It is yours to embrace. You alone can control how you accept the gifts. Sincerely, Lara


    • Hi Lara. I know we are in the midst of being blessed. DH and I had a very rough life and it isn’t helping us any better right now with the turmoil with my two daughters. I just turned my whole life over to God and I am letting Him take care of everything. A wonderful peace has come over us and we are just so thankful for everything.
      We did our best.
      That’s all God ever asks of people.


  3. It’s hard to let go as parents, and it is hard to give your family their freedom although we want them to give us freedom. It such a double edge sword! Lara

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