Planning Our RVing Adventures

sunriseFirst trip we are taking is to The Arcadia National Park in Maine. It’s also the first place the sun rises in The United States, so at least one very early morning is in the planning stage. (Coffee thermos mandatory!) DH and I are going to spend a week there, right after Labor Day when ALL the prices for almost everything drops significantly. In-season our full hook up site rents for $86 a night. We’re getting the site for $65 a night.

I’ve given lots of thought to boondocking (camping with absolutely no hook-ups of water, electricity or sewage). I have no problem boondocking an overnight stay while on the road BUT anything longer than that and I am NOT comfortable with it, at all. I like my amenities. I like a good, hot shower each and every night. Makes sleeping deeply more profound (I love a good night’s sleep). I also like to prepare a good hot dinner and in the morning I like a good hot steaming cup of coffee. You can’t get any of that in boondocking, unless you use solar, generator or battery BUT you always have to keep one eye on the clock, and that to me is too stressful. Plus you have to tow gallons and gallons of heavy water and DH doesn’t like the strain that puts on the vehicle.

We have other things planned for us to do in Maine like lobster dinners, sailing jaunts, beach combing, bike trailing and major hiking. I’m dragging along my camera with its respective tripod, so start expecting A LOT of photos from yours truly.

tikiOnce we get down to Florida this winter, DH and I will be spending a few additional days in Key West. I adore Key West! It’s the closest thing to a Caribbean paradise in America without leaving the continuous 48 states. The site I rented mid-week includes our own personal Tiki Hut and pier (that we can jump off of and do our own private swimming). The waterview is spectacular and since its off-season, the price is reasonable. That’s the glory of retirement: we can do things when others can’t…..thus we save money AND IMHO have a better time.

Once winter is over and spring starts to bloom, DH and I will be setting out on our lifelong dream to the Grand Canyon. Again, because its off-season, I rented a full hook up site for a week, right outside the National Park for only $57 a night! DH and I are working and scheduling the sights and sounds we want to experience. The only thing left for us to decide on is which route to take! I prefer sticking to the coast line. DH wants more inland. We’ll probably compromise and take the route in the middle!

map to GC.png


12 thoughts on “Planning Our RVing Adventures

  1. Wow! It’s wonderful! Taking stowaways? I am first in line! Seems to me I remember you plan to go,to Maine many moons ago with a credit from the campsite in Florida where you went through some nasty weather and massive RV encroaching on your site. Whatever happen with this credit? Nice that you will get to see Arcadia. We did this years ago and picked up two lobsters a piece steamed at a Stop N Shop and they were yummy without having to haul the lobster pot! My brother and wife thought lobster around Arcadia would be cheaper but found just the opposite and wish I had told them about the onsale lobsters at Stop in Shop the week they were up there! They paid double while we enjoyed two for the price of one of theirs!
    You maybe can compromise on your trip out to the Grand Canyon take the coastal route there and if you are heading back to NY go through Oklahoma and come to the Northeast that way. Happy travels! Like you, I think boondocking does work best in overnights while you are moving place to place if you have the travel money to stay in camp grounds. so how are you managing the new added expense with Nick planning to retire full time?
    PS Did you get the American horticulture society yearly pass too that includes the Florida botanical gardens which are free with the pass as New York residents and gardens across America. Sincerely, Lara


    • HI Lara. I got a cash refund from the RV place in Naples, FL. It took a while, but I got my money.
      That’s a great idea about getting fresh cooked steamed lobster from Stop & Shop. I’m allergic to shellfish so only DH has a hankering for lobster.
      For the Grand Canyon trip, I think we’re taking the coastal route there from Florida and coming back on the inland route to New York. I didn’t get the horticulture society pass yet BUT I did get the National Park Senior Pass for $10 bucks!
      We’ll do the boondocking thing for an overnight stay. If we find a nice spot to stay for a few days, we’ll pay for an RV park full hookup fee and live like human beings. NOT that there is anything wrong with that. LOL! But at our age, sorry to say, comfort sometimes trumps saving a few dollars or two.
      Thanks, as always, for your comments!


  2. I was not so lucky on the lifetime National Park Senior pass, Weir Artist Colony stop selling them and Hop Brook is not getting anymore till the increase so I had to do my pass online and pay the extra $10 processing fee, but still better then $80. 🍀 Lara

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  3. Technically, Guam is the first place with US soil to experience sunrise. Their slogan is even “Where America’s Day Begins”. The more you know.


    • Hi Karen. I’ve heard about many retirees going across the border specifically to get those things done. Especially dental work.
      As for me, I’d like to stay out of Mexico completely for now. It’s not a place I’d like to visit at this time. But thanks for the heads up!


  4. Wishing you safe travels and happy trails on all your RV adventures. There are many campgrounds available that have water and electric hookups with a dump station available for dumping the tanks when you leave. We love camping in state parks, Corps of Engineers Parks, and other public parks without sewer at the site. We can still have our showers, hot coffee and cook dinner! If you have the Senior Pass Corps of Engineers and other federal parks are discounted, usually half price. Happy camping!


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