Release The (Free) Crackle

There’s a free movie and TV streaming service (yes! I said F R E E) that if you don’t mind watching a few commercials, can save you a bunch of money. It’s a Sony Network, called Crackle (click here). It’s very easy to set up. I set it up right through my Vizio flat screen TV and within seconds, was saving money. You can also watch on any of your other devices such as a smartphone, iPhone, iPad and your computer. The quality is excellent. The choices new and different. Throw in a few oldie TV shows like Seinfield and Who’s The Boss and you have a very nice alternative to high cable bills, high Netflix and Hulu bills, etc. etc.


For more information, click here. Happy weekend movie watching!

6 thoughts on “Release The (Free) Crackle

  1. I will check it out! Other than Netflix which I only subscribe to during the snowy months, I don’t like to pay to watch television. Free I will do! Thanks for the tip.


    • Linda, I don’t know what kind of a device you have. Here is the list of supported devices:
      If your device is on the list, click on the device and follow the prompts. We have a Vizio smart TV, which is already pre-set for Crackle, as well as Netflix, Hulu etc. etc. Once we got our smart TV up to the Crackle sign in, I had to go back to my computer, log in to my account with Crackle, let them know my Vizio screen was up and running and then my computer came up with a code, and I guess through the wireless synced and then I was up and running with Crackle on my smart TV.
      I don’t know what kind of a set up you have at your house. Maybe the BF can help you?
      Hope that helps. Let me know.


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