Aldi Is Turning Into Just Another American Rip-Off Food Store.

I did my regular weekly (I’ll use that term lightly and I’ll tell you why in a second) shopping at Aldi this morning. Have you noticed more and more products just aren’t on the shelves anymore? For instance: ready-made pie crusts. It’s been three weeks and still no pie crusts at my neighborhood Aldi. I specifically went into Aldi today (instead of Wednesday, my usual day) to buy dog food. The bag just doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to despite me feeding my doggie a bit less every day.

I was told they were out of the dog food because Aldi was having the packaging redone. That was an odd answer, don’t you think? Are they getting a new supplier? I asked. No, was the response. Just new packaging.

New packaging?

It wasn’t until I got home from shopping at Aldi did I understand what the term ‘new packaging’ meant. Take a look at the ‘new packaging’ large can of coffee I always buy at Aldi:


‘new packaging’ means 30 less cups of coffee for the same price of $5.29

I bought a new can of coffee at Aldi, paid the same price I have always been paying, $5.29 but when I went to pour some of the old remaining coffee grounds into the new can I made a startling discovery. The new can (on the left)was much smaller than the old can (on the right), contained 3 ounces less than the old can, which turns out to be 30 less cups of coffee than the old can! I started looking around at all of the other products I had been buying at Aldi and I noticed I had been shortchanged on many other items, such as cookies (9 biscotti instead of 10) dry goods (15 ounces instead of 16) pasta (12 ounces instead of 16) and so on and so on.

Aldi has now officially become like all the other rip-off grocery stores in America.

This was probably why I had to do my weekly shopping twice-a-week vs once-a-week and why my monthly food budget rose from $350 a month to almost $500!! DH and I kept running out of stuff long before 7 days have passed. These last two shopping weeks, I have been buying double of what we always eat (such as chocolate, bread, cereal, sliced turkey and block cheese) Even with the double shopping, there just never seemed to be enough food in the pantry. DH was always hungry.

I’m going to have to start looking at things more deeply now. I seem to be affected by a triple threat: buying twice, preparing more and eating less.  Hmmmm? In the interim, here’s what I’ve been doing lately to seemingly save some money on food:


I’ve been making my own refrigerator pickles


savings bits of leftover fruit in the freezer for smoothies



here’s a strawberry smoothie, with a bit of plain yogurt


marinated Greek chicken breasts (garlic, lemon juice, oregano, olive oil)

8 thoughts on “Aldi Is Turning Into Just Another American Rip-Off Food Store.

  1. Oh no…I hadn’t even noticed that there’d been any changes in the packaging at Aldi. Ironically, Aldi prices are still much lower than any of the other grocery stores in our area. You make a good point that we must be vigilant to find ways to live within our means. For years, I prepared large quantities of food–mainly because I was programmed to feed a family. Hub and I grew tired of leftovers and I often threw stuff away. I was also in the habit of purchasing large quantities of produce, which we all know has a short life. Now I’m paying more attention to what I buy, and generally have a plan on how to utilize it. Even tho it’s just the two of us, I’ve also planted a little garden. It’s amazing how much lovely, fresh food can be grown in a small plot. Thanks for the heads-up, Cindi. I’m going to pay closer attention when I shop at Aldi.


    • Hi Pam. I also noticed that milk has gone up. Last week it was $2.46 for a gallon. This week it was $3.19. That’s a 30% increase. Gulp! I’ve been buying half-gallons lately for only $1.09 at Aldi. That means no more late night bowls of cereal. We have to save the milk for coffee for the week. UGH.
      That’s so nice you two have a little garden for yourselves. Enjoy!


      • I cannot figure out how prices vary so much from store to store. My daughter lives one hour away, and she pays less than one dollar for a gallon of milk at her Aldi’s. Last week, I believe I paid $1.79, so I cannot complain. Maybe it’s because we live in the midwest. I feel for you!


      • Oh Aldi in NY is way more expensive than my Aldi in Florida. In FL, eggs are only .39 a dozen, milk is also for a buck or two. Life is much cheaper in Florida, which makes me wonder. Hmmmm?
        A gallon of milk in New York City sells from anywhere from $6 a gallon to $8. Sometimes $10. Unbelievable (this is at any store there)


  2. My local Aldi recently expanded and remodeled. I don’t care for it: lots of black signage a la Whole Foods vibe. More and more national brands, too. I was dismayed that they were out of coffee, I inquired and was told that they had been out for 2 days. I ended up going to Shoprite and paying $7.99, when I am used to $5.49. No grocery shopping this week, but when I return, I will be sure to scope out the coffee section.


    • Hi Carol. Aldi still has good prices BUT they are out of a lot of stuff at times which forces me to go to another grocery store. Double the work. I’m getting a little bit dismayed. I heard Lindl, also from Europe is going to be breaking ground in America. They rival Aldi. At this juncture, I’m leaning to splitting out of Aldi.
      We’ll see. UGH!


  3. Hi Cindi

    Aldi is also doing the same packaging reduction here in Australia, although they claim that what you pay for produce is the same price throughout all states. I do t shop at Aldi that much as I find that the quality of the produce is often less than par to the supermarkets. Other will disagree but this is just my families experience.

    And yay for lidl I saw a media article sometime back saying that lidl was going to establish themselves in Australia as well

    Thanks my friend for your enduring articles, take care



    • Hi Jane. How are things ‘down under’? 🙂 I’m not too keen on Aldi produce either. Thankfully, the local Farmer’s Markets are opening up around here and I went to my first one this past Sunday. Good prices and excellent produce. Time to give Aldi a break from me.
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience so far away. We really are all connected, aren’t we? Love it!


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