What To Expect In Your 60’s

th-1This month’s AARP magazine (click here) has a ‘surprising snapshot’ about what we all can expect in our 60’s regarding our health and wealth. Sure we have a few challenges along the way, but when you get right down to it, our 60’s can be a whole lotta fun. It’s the time when we have the money and the resources to do what we always wanted to do. We aren’t afraid to career-jump, travel, spend money, find our passion, balance and party-hearty (I’m guilty of that last one…….)

Did you know that we 60-year-olds spend about $90 a day? We lead the nation in workforce growth, have incredibly high credit scores, are less stressed out about money (after all, our mortgages are paid off) and we all look great as a result? We may party too hearty BUT we carry that partying into our bedrooms. We probably take daily multi-vitamins and we also get our annual exams thus keeping our blood pressure, sugar count and cancer screenings in check. We’re keeping up with the news, staying in contact thanks to social media, we know what matters most, we tend to be charitable and we live our faith. Amen to that!

In our 60’s we’re also very adventurous. Now is the time for us to see Zion National Park, take that cruise down the Danube River and finally for the first time ever, drive that fancy sports car! Over 40% of boomers have a travel wish list (guilty!) like to bask in the sun (guilty!) bathe in the sea (guilty!) enjoy bringing the family along but now, secretly plan on having fun at Disney with or without them (guilty as charged, baby!)

If you thought your 30’s, 40’s or even your 50’s were fun, you ain’t seen nothing yet. For me, turning and being in my 60’s was the chance to finally toss off all the negative feelings and emotional crap I had clinging to my mind and body (BTW, we ladies in our 60’s love, love, love yoga and meditation…..who knew?) I don’t give a rats ass what anyone has to say about me, mumble about me or spread rumors about me. This is MY time now and no one, including you, is going to ruin my almost last and final chance to live a good and fulfilling life. I’m having fun and enjoying my new-found freedom with my same-age wonderful new friends!

Your 60’s is also a time to give back to your community. I’ve teamed up with a long time friend of mine (46 years and counting) who for over twenty-five years has been working with women who are recovering from cancer. She helps fit women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and radiation with either custom-made or OTC wigs, hairpieces, scarves, hats and sometimes make-up to hide their scars. I’ve been working on her website and have been instrumental in her press releases and promotion. In the very near future, I hope to be accompanying her when she does a wig consultation. Her office or your home, she will meet the needs of these women and help them get through one of the most difficult times in their life.

Enjoy your sixties. Welcome them into your life. They are the gateway to your seventies and if all my summations are correct, our 70’s are going to be even brighter than our 60’s.

Live well and prosper, my friends. Live well and prosper.


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