I Feel Terrific! Best In Years.

It took my cardiologist a bit of time and experimentation to finally get my meds in balance (in the beginning statins and other drugs he prescribed were making me sick, nauseous, weak and depressed) BUT I am happy to report that these last three weeks, I have felt terrific. With no end in sight! I got my nighttime sleeping habit (or lack thereof) under control and I am actually going to sleep at night at a decent hour (around midnight, a BIG improvement from 3AM!) and waking up in the morning at a reasonable hour: 5AM (instead of noon!) I’m breathing much better at night, thanks to ‘Breathe Right’ nose strips (I have a deviated septum).

My whole body seems to be functioning much better and clearer. I guess my arteries are running smoother, my heart must be beating better and everything feels like it’s doing what it was supposed to do all along. But, I must say that the Number One thing that is gone from my life, which, if you have been following my blog, was a BIG Hindrance Factor (BHF), is gone! And that BHF was stress! I finally chucked it to whatever was irking me and said to hell with it all! Once I put that stress out of my life, the rest just fell in to place.

I’m feeling terrific now. I’m feeling positive and I actually am happy when I wake up in the morning. No more dread. No more fear. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. I’m losing weight. I’m more mindful of the food I have been eating currently (or wrongly eating in the past) and have made many positive changes to my lifestyle. DH and I got rid of so much clutter that I am even more certain that living in a clutter-free zone helps my mental status tremendously. My home runs now like a fine tuned engine. Everything has a purpose and a place. If it doesn’t, it’s tossed into the garbage. No regrets. I am absolutely peaceful just sitting in my comfy chair, on my back yard deck staring off into the tree tops just so happy to be alive AND to feeling so, so good.

Have you ever known me to be so happy and content? I don’t complain about anything anymore. And NO! my doctor hasn’t put me on mood swinging drugs. Just a statin to help lower my cholesterol, which has been making my blood flow more freely, thus nourishing my brain. The other drug I take helps prevent heart attacks.

I guess it takes a while to find the right doctor, who understands you and takes the time to prescribe the right medicines that are right for you. I also realize that this point in my life, may be my last hurrah, so I had better make the best of it.


My sister and I both just recently got this book: :1,000 Places To See In The US & Canada Before You Die. I rented mine from the library but will be buying a used copy as soon as my library rental is up. My sister has already started her travel journey and is determined to see as much of the world as she can. DH and I are a little bit behind her BUT we should be off in our RV seeing as much of the US and Canada as possible, within the next two months. Our main goal is to travel together in the future. We’re all eying a cross country trek to Alaska! That’s going to be super fun!

Another one of our mutual friends has been eying an Airstream RV Bambi model, and will probably join us on our travels to Alaska. The more the merrier!

Live well my friend and prosper. Take care of your health. Downsize and de-clutter. Pay no attention to the negative, toxic people you may meet on your journey. Toss them aside and just concentrate on yourself. Because in the end, you’re going to be ALL you have.


10 thoughts on “I Feel Terrific! Best In Years.

  1. Just wondering if you have ever had a sleep test for sleep apnea. I didn’t sleep well and after years of dealing with it, I finally learned I had sleep apnea and needed a cpap machine. Now I rest much better by using the machine. The doc didn’t test me earlier because I didn’t fit the “profile” which means I wasn’t obese.


    • Hi Carole. I had a pulmonologist look at me a few weeks ago. Everyone used to think I had sleep apnea. Turns out I have an uncorrected deviated septum despite having a nose job that was supposed to correct it. That operation was so painful, I never went back to the surgeon. I was 27 years old. I can only breathe out of one nostril and if that becomes blocked, look out! The dr suggested the strips and ever since then, they have worked like a charm.
      Um, you DON’T have to be obese to have sleep apnea. Who told you that? Carrie Fisher’s death was revealed yesterday that she died of sleep apnea, in an airplane! and she wasn’t obese.
      Thanks for the insult. I suppose.


      • I took it as the opposite of insult – you aren’t obese and maybe hadn’t been checked for sleep apnea? anyhow – I’m sure the cocktail of cocaine, methadone and ecstasy in Carrie Fisher’s autopsy report had a little something to contribute to her death…..

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      • LOL! I know.I know. With Carrie Fisher’s death, the coroner mentioned ALL those drugs BUT stated the cause of death was sleep apnea. Let’s not forget the heroin she snorted up her nose the week prior to her death, for Pete’s sake!
        Go figure.


  2. Amazing how much better one can feel with proper rest. Glad you finally found a doctor who got your meds right. Once my crazy, busy summer is over, I intend to see a specialist about my severe RLS. I’ve had it for 30 years, and my meds are no longer working like they should. Whenever I do get the occasional night of proper rest, wow…I feel like I am on top of the world!

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    • Hi Lucy. Sleep, or better yet, getting a good night’s sleep is very, very important. So, are the power of naps! Who knew?
      When I get a good night’s sleep, when I wake up in the morning, I am ready to meet any challenge of the day. Sort of amazing, IMHO.
      Take good care of yourself, OK?
      Thanks for your comment.

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  3. Very happy for you, Cindi! Who would have guessed that the later years of life can be the best? After you’ve been through rough times, the good times are absolutely precious. Enjoy every single day!

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  4. So happy to hear you are feeling terrific! Sleep is a wonderful elixir. Maybe losing some weight is also helping. A few years ago, Dr Oz routinely said a ten percent weight lost can improve all of your numbers. Have a great weekend on the newly painted deck, which looks wonderful. Sincerely, Lara

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