All Hands On Deck.

old deck

I think this photo of my deck says it all.

What do you do when you have a perfectly good deck, sturdy, well built etc BUT it looks like crap? Thankfully Home Depot has this great product called Behr DeckOver (click here) that if applied properly, makes your worn out deck look almost brand new.

deck overAt only $35 a gallon (we needed two for our 15 X 12 deck) Home Depot had a sale two weeks ago for $10 off per gallon, as per mail in (or online) rebate. Needless to say, we took advantage of the sale. We also purchased two containers of deck cleaner. DH power washed the deck, which took a few hours. We let the deck dry in the sun for a few days. Our carpenter friend did the rest of the work which was to sand down the deck, re-secure the nails, and apply two coats of the Behr paint. The sales clerk told me to select a light color otherwise my bare feet would burn on the hot (literally) color. I selected rose beige which turned out a bit too pink for my taste. It is a backyard deck, after all!

Nonetheless, the newly painted deck came out spectacular (when you compare it to the before photo). I’m going to put down a tan/brownish indoor/outdoor carpet, a few potted plants and voila, my back deck transformation will be complete.

new deck

Finished deck. What do you think? Better?


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