Why Women Live Longer Than Men In Retirement: Housework

house+cleaningLadies, before you curse that broom or dirty cup in your sink, did you know that the housework you do each and every day is going to keep you living longer than a man? Yes, it’s true! Statistics prove (click here) that most women who consistently do daily housework chores live at least three years longer than a man (even if the man does his own housework chores!)

The team from University Medical Centre Rotterdam found that a 55-year-old woman who does little around the house is likely to live to see her 83rd birthday – but that those who keep on top of the housework should live on to the age of 86.

I don’t know about you, but I do a minimum of at least one hour of housecleaning per day. That’s seven days a week, for 52 weeks a year. No time off for good behavior (LOL). I like me a very clean and orderly home. The reason why doing this mundane housework will keep a woman living longer is because it gives a person purpose. Having a clean and comfy home makes for a very relaxed and dignified living existence. And it doesn’t come easy. Lots of elbow grease goes into keeping one’s home clean and shiny.
I make my bed each and every morning and go through much the same routine: tidying up the bathroom and kitchen, putting dishes away and reloading the dishwasher, daily vacuuming, a load of laundry every other day. I take great pride in living in a clean and orderly home. It does much to help my brain out, that’s for sure. I can’t co-exist with clutter. Dust bunnies are NOT my furry friends.
Once you get into a cleaning routine (and never miss a day!) the workload isn’t hard at all. Every day I go through my common, mundane routine and I throw in a bit extra like windexing all the glass or polishing all the wood furniture. Once a month I scrub the kitchen floors and re-polish the bamboo wood floors. Ditto for scrubbing out the bathroom. If I got right down and thought about it, home cleaning is probably the best part of my day.
Who knew?
What about you? If you’re living in clutter and a mess you’re putting yourself inside an early grave. Granted, yes, you can hire someone to do your dirty work but you’ll only be extending the life of your maid. NOT you! Roll up your sleeves, put on some happy music (that’s what I do……Disco Studio 54 to be exact) and get in there and start cleaning.
In the end you’ll get to do more of what you love to do.
Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper!

14 thoughts on “Why Women Live Longer Than Men In Retirement: Housework

  1. Interesting study! I can’t stand a messy or dirty house either. With a routine, it really doesn’t take that long to keep up with housework. I actually find it relaxing, and it gives me great satisfaction knowing my house is always (what some would refer to as) “company ready.”

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    • See?They’re so right already. I’m with you. Having a clean and neat home makes me feel so great and wonderful inside. And to know it will help me live a longer, happier and cleaner life is terrific! Thanks for your comment.


  2. I’d suspected as much. My husband will help me with cooking or cleaning if asked but he just doesn’t see clutter and it drives me nuts. I have a very good routine for housekeeping and cooking. I spend about an hour a day on housework and a varying amount on cooking. I do our finances and clear off my desk every Friday. Leaves me plenty of time for reading and quilting and napping with the cats. LOL!!

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  3. One of the things that was put on my list after I retired was to do a better job on keeping the house clean. Have been trying but still have fallen behind. I like your idea of putting an hour a day aside for these tasks. Will try this and see how it goes. Thank goodness I have a small house! Now if I could learn how to organize papers, bills and all the other stuff!

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    • Sue, set your timer. Give it an hour. When the timer buzzes, stop. You’re done for the day. Everyone has an hour a day to spare and everyone can do the labor if just for the hour. I use the same technique with my own office clutter. It takes a while but you will see results.


  4. An hour? I think I spend about 4-6 hours on housework, more if I take on a big task, like windows, or cleaning the refrigerator. I start at 5 a.m., with fixing breakfast and packing lunches, and really don’t slow down until after dinner. . Then, there’s the work outside. (We have 15 acres.) I don’t know how families with both parents at work all day manage. I do household tasks all day long. Thank goodness I enjoy it!


    • Wow, Meg. You certainly have your hands full. I live in a smallish space, just over 1000 sq ft. so it’s very easy for me to keep it clean. We do live on 3.5 acres however and we just hired someone this season to cut the grass for us. It’s too much for hubby nowadays, even though he just sits on a John Deere.
      Thanks for sharing. hang in there. Good luck!


      • Oh, I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining. I love my “job.,” and it was my choice. I keep a nice home, but would never criticize another’s housekeeping because I know how much work is required to keep a house full of kids and pets clean. My kids do help,….sometimes, and a couple wllingly join in the kitchen, but ultimately, I am in charge of taking care of the house. Their job, as was mine when I was their age, is going to school and getting an education, so they too get to choose their paths. That said, I definitely can see downsizing at some point, which is one reason we bought our FL place. when we did.
        DH rides the tractor, and I get that it’s work. Right now, our tractor is acting up, so we actually contracted to have the lawn part of our property mowed, until we get the tractor repaired/replaced. Repair wants $100/hour, even billing that to tow it up to the shop….haven’t swallowed that expense yet. The rest is grazing pasture/woodlands.

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  5. Interesting study! I’m sure it applies to daily exercise as well. BUT it’s just the push I need to stay on top of the cleaning. With the size of my home, I could live to be 100? I better save more money…. LOL


    • Hi Sharon. The study went on to say that if men did gardening, they would live a bit longer doing that (vs housecleaning). Sounds like to me a man and a woman can have this whole house & garden thing wrapped up, right?
      Just think, every day that we scour another toilet bowl or prune another rose, we get to do it all over again for a few more years. Brilliant. LOL!


  6. Haha that is certainly an interesting study but over our lifetimes I bet most of us spend a lot more than three years cleaning! So if I had a choice, I’d honestly rather die a little younger and not have to do any cleaning at all 😉


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