So, We Bought An RV

3289-2017HBMainExteriorDH and I bought a 2017 Jayco Hummingbird 17RB (17 foot, rear bath) RV today. It was a bit sooner than I had planned. But, we went back to our dealer friend in Michigan where we bought our iPod RV five years ago and he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

If we had purchased the RV here in New York, by the time they added on all the fees and make-ready costs, we were looking at $21,657. This was way above our $14K budget. So, we called Michigan and we got the RV of our dreams, complete with all the extras (like a free bike rack, free battery, free hoses etc and NO make ready fees) for $14,860. That’s a savings of $6,797 over the original NY dealer. The Michigan dealer had two 2017 models left before all the new 2018 models were coming in (and the prices would go further up) so we bought it.

I did some quick action and paid off two more of our charge cards of $1,722.33 and $1,506.81. Once those cards cleared and showed a zero balance due, I applied for an RV loan. We’re only putting $1500 down and financing the rest over 10 years. The monthly payment will be $140, with no pre-payment penalty. The interest on this loan is tax deductible because an RV is considered a 2nd home. So, I’m not concerned about the interest rate we will be paying on this loan. DH and I could use another tax write off.

I’ve gone through all our financials. Now that 4 of the 5 zero-interest credit card debts have been paid off, DH and I can comfortably manage the RV payment out of our passive monthly income. I always base our monthly expenses against our passive monthly income (social security, pension, interest and a loan payback from my daughter). This way, should anything happen to either DH or myself, we have enough passive income coming in to pay our monthly bills.

We’re picking up our RV before July 4th so it looks like we’re going to have a very nice summer! My head is swirling with places to go, places to see, oceans to dive right in to!

For more information on the model we selected, click here. We chose the rear bathroom model because the bathroom is very roomy! Enough room in the shower, toilet and it has a linen closet, medicine cabinet, mirror and lots of storage. A rear bath means the full front is dedicated to a queen sized bed (and overhanging flat screen TV)! The unit has one slideout which makes the middle of the RV, the kitchen and dinette roomy too! The kitchen table only seats two people and that’s all we are: two people. And a dog. The kitchen seating can fold down into a spare bed but the size is only good enough for a child. Maybe one day one of our grandkids will come along with us. Who knows? In any event, we’re ready!

floor plan-17RB

Our floor plan for the 17RB

If you want to see more about our new, tiny traveling vacation home, watch this YouTube video, click here. (WordPress doesn’t allow videos UNLESS I pay extra for it!)



6 thoughts on “So, We Bought An RV

  1. Wow, I cannot keep up with you! Lol Beautiful RV. My hunch is that you’ll pay it off sooner rather than later. Being brand new, the sales tax should also be tax deductible. Have fun and makes lots of memories!

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