How I Spend My Retirement Days

First off, I just recently got a part-time job. I work out of my home office and I get to utilize my fantastic new, super speedy iMac computer (and write it off at the same time!). I’m designing websites and promoting the owner’s content for future sales. My rate is $20 an hour and I am pleased as pink for both the opportunity AND the extra income. My weekly hours are limited BUT I’m making a hellava lot more money than what I was earning back at Google.

Both DH and I arise each morning around 5AM. He’s off to his part-time gig by 6:30AM. I’ll head over into my home office and do the usual emails and quick news check (just to make sure our planet hasn’t exploded yet and/or the stock market is still making money). I check our financials every day. I look over our bills, income, expenses and check our net worth status every single day. I have a basic cleaning routine that I MUST do daily, no matter what. Because we have a dog that sheds, I must vacuum each and every day. That includes Sunday. Daily, I always tidy up the kitchen, get the dishes either in or out of the dishwasher (and put away) wipe down all the countertops, tidy up the bathroom, spot clean wherever it’s needed, make the bed, do a load of laundry every other day, etc. etc. This static routine takes me about 1 to 2 hours per day. I mop the bamboo kitchen floors once every three weeks. I windex and polish once a week and once a month I do a really BIG job like washing down the blinds, refrigerator top, ceiling fans or whatever little nasty bit needs super-duper cleaning. I make it a habit of never skipping on this routine. If I do, the cleaning work piles up and I can never catch up. I love a clean and tidy home so my routine is unbreakable.

Another thing that I must do each and every day is walk my dog on a two-mile hike. This too is un-negotiable. If either one of us skips this necessary routine, trust me, you can see the pounds creeping up on BOTH of us. I usually take my walk at the end of my own personal business day which is anywhere between 4PM and 7PM (thank goodness for daylight saving time!)



I’m cooking healthier these days

I start and finish preparing and cooking dinner between 3 and 4PM. This is when I have the most energy to cook! If I wait till 6PM or later, you’ll be eating cereal or frozen waffles. I just don’t have the energy to create appetizing dishes after 3PM. Really. Once the food is prepared, I keep it warm till later when we actually sit down and have dinner (7PM). We don’t watch TV when we eat. I despise doing that. I like to sit down and have a conversation. Ditto with my children when they were growing up. Besides, hearing the news can ruin anyone’s dinner. Why waste a good, home cooked meal?


I sometimes take two naps during the day. One at 9:30AM and the other at 3:30PM. The naps aren’t long but make so much of a difference in my daily routine. I hate to say this but my naps are the favorite part of my day. I’ve made it a point to live in comfy, comfy homes that have great views. Here in NY, I have a picturesque view of my property (I live on 3.5 acres) and I get to see a lot of wildlife during the day (turkeys, deer, bears, bobcats, skunks, frogs, ducks, geese and lots and lots of birds). My Florida home sits right on top of an estuary so I see plenty of exotic, tropical birds darting in and out of the lake. Every once in a while, however, I’ll get a glimpse of an alligator or two. Nothing pleases me more than either sitting out on my deck looking out over my land OR sitting on my lanai watching all the egrets and blue herons swim by.


dockside walk

The newly bricked DockSide walk

On the weekends, DH and I always do something frugal together. We like to hike, take long walks, go to Farmer’s Markets (just to browse), listen to free concerts, attend cultural events or ramble through an art gallery or museum. This weekend, on the one day that had sunshine AND no rain, DH and I went for a long walk dockside in Kingston, NY. The town is rapidly building up this area as it conveniently sits on the Hudson River. There’s a tour boat we can one day take and cruise up and down the Hudson River. The downtown area also has seen an explosion of new, hip, chic restaurants openings as well as a weekly Farmer’s Market every Saturday. It’s a nice, pleasant day trip for us.



RVs up in the mountains

Lastly, DH and I have started our research on acquiring another RV. We’re right in the middle of paying off our most recent credit card bills and should be done by middle July. As soon as that debt is paid off in full, DH and I will once again be buying another RV. I’ve worked the numbers and there simply is no cheaper way for us to travel and see all the National Parks on our Bucket List (Zion Nat’l Park, Grand Canyon etc.) than in an RV (within reason). We found this 17ft super-light, teardrop model that we love and will suit our traveling requirements just fine. All DH and I need are a comfy bed, a mini kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. That’s it.


The prices are excellent for new (around $14K) but we’re on the hunt for a recently used model. We have the time and the cash. Now, we just have to wait for the opportunity.

And so it goes. My typical retirement day.




9 thoughts on “How I Spend My Retirement Days

  1. Congrats on the part time job. I’m the same way about making dinner. If I can make it before 5 I’m good, but anything after 6 and we’re going to have soup or cereal LOL. We eat early though, usually between 5 and 5:30. I haven’t found the trick to keeping the food warm and not drying out, etc and DH is ready to eat by then, so it works out ok.

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    • Hi One Family. There’s much good things to say about The Early Bird Special! I like having dinner early because that means I can have a snack later! Woo hoo! If it were up to me I’d eat dinner at 4.
      Thanks for sharing and for your comment.


  2. Congratulations on the new job. Good luck with the hunt for the RV.
    Pretty much my daily routine now is giving myself the luxury of nothing written in stone. I myself wake up happy for the excitement of a new day. I check my computer while the coffee is brewing.
    I have a few confessions to make. So much change has happened in my life in the last five years since reading “How to be Free in an Unfree World” and I feel it is so Great!
    I have rebelled against a set schedule having endured a strict obsessive compulsive Mother growing up and my last corporate job (20 years ago) working as a researcher where I had to account for every five minute increments to different projects. Haven’t worn a watch since!
    I had a very similar routine to yours while raising a family and before widowhood but now the fluidity that total freedom allows I cherish more. No set bedtime now and naps are relish too. I have no problem with any differing opinions, because Embracing Freedom for yourself is also allowing others the same- different strokes for different folks. So a tremendous burden of stress was lifted. No worries of others opinions, of who is right. Every day is a good day, because it unfolds as I formulate its content. It has no disappointment or judgement of work not completed because you are the Master of the day.
    I pay all my bills at the beginning of the month no matter when they are due in that month so that burden is gone for the rest of the month.
    I no longer do a monthly paper budget because after practicing frugality for so long, I pretty much spend the same on necessities.
    I set aside a yearly FUN money account for the rest. Most people call this discretionary spending but I like FUN better. FUN is an acronym meaning “For Un Necessities “It’s for activities, hobby supplies, gifts charity, and travel. In November, I look at what’s left in my FUN account and determine what is going to charity, needy friends or family, and my Christmas budget, some luxury for me, and tell the kids at Thanksgiving what I am willing to spend on each family. I bring the Fun account to a Zero balance. This goes so against my saving nature since I was three! My sister in law says it’s about time you treat yourself as you always are treating others! In the now.
    October usually is my financial planning time for the next year- calculate taxes, and contemplate my dreams, goals or projects that might need funding, review of where I am at financially. Are any changes needed? Adjustments made and then set it and forget it. So I use to fret about the long time frame of my retirement but now having been early retired for twenty years I now do the math a little different. I ask myself, is the total I want to spend less then what I will make between my fixed income and interest? If so, no worries! If not I adjust the goals and projects expenditures. First week of January I fund a new FUN account.
    sincerely, Lara

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    • I like your FUN account!
      I’m a bookkeeper and I like orderly stuff. That includes my home. I have to follow a set routine almost every day otherwise I become overwhelmed. I seem to like law and order. Oh well.
      Nick and I have already picked out our RV. But we’re NOT doing anything till our debt is paid off. Once Nick finishes his current project, he really will be retired and not too much ‘other’ money will be coming in. You can’t have debt in retirement. Period.
      It’s a nice carrot (goal) waiting for us, however, at the end of the stick.
      I’ll keep you posted.
      Thanks for sharing and as always, for your comment.


  3. Wow! You are truly inspirational. My mom, along with my aunts, had and ran a business for many years, but once my mom retired all she did was stay in bed and read the newspaper. The only time she got out of bed was to: eat, go to the bathroom, and to see her doctor. Other than that, she was in bed. I was sad for her because she was an amazing vibrant, energetic woman all her life, but then she retired and it all changed. I love to see, read, and find out about people like you that continue to do so many things even after they have retired. Keep it up.

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