Want To Reconnect To Your Inner Child? Anne With An “E” Will Show You How.

This isn’t the sugary, make-believe story of Anne Of Green Gables. Nope. This current adaption, now streaming on Netflix (click here) is more true to life and probably all too authentic to what real little girls (like you and me) had to endure growing up. We may not all have been orphans like Anne BUT we can relate to what it felt like to be ridiculed at school by our peers, shunned at church for our beliefs, forsaken by parents who may not have loved us all that much and perhaps we were secretly abused by adult relations. Bring a hankie with you because each and every episode of Season One of Anne With An “E” is going to make you cry. And you’re going to love every single second of it.

Version 2

Anne when she first sees the magnificence of Green Gables

After seeing the first episode, I myself could not look at the country side as I did before. As Anne marveled at the splendor of all the greenery and lakes that surrounded Green Gables, I decided to look inside my own backyard with the eyes of a child. Just like Anne, I heard the birds for the first time, smelled the freshly cut lawn with a renewed appreciation and doted on the swaying trees seeing them also, with a new sense of child-like wonder. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how fortunate we are that we have a bed to sleep in at night, a family who loves us, multiple clothes to wear and a vast array of food choices to adorn our dinner table each and every night.

Anne With An “E” is magnificently played by actress Amybeth McNulty. If her portrayal of a young girl with an imagination doesn’t ignite your own inner child, then I implore you to watch and re-watch this magical young girl until you do! Our imaginations, when we were young, shielded us from harm and catapulted us to places we could……..yes…..dare I say it? Only dream of!

Reconnect to your own inner child through this delightful, current, trendy rendition of Anne Of Green Gables. No, I never read the book when I was younger and honestly, I’m glad I never did. Anne With An “E” is MY kind of woman. Can’t wait till Season Two!


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