This Is What Is Wrong With America

kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin holding bloody, decapitated (fake) head of our President Trump

They’re called Progressive Liberals. You know, like the kind Hillary Clinton claims to be. They hate Catholics and they despise Christians. They believe in partial birth abortion. They believe in taking from the rich and doling it back out to the poor. They believe that if you don’t believe exactly what they tell you to believe and speak and say exactly what they tell you to say, they will destroy you. Just like they are trying to destroy Donald Trump and anything else that hints at being a Conservative. Their chant is ‘Resist!” I ask, resist what? Better jobs? Lower taxes? An end to climate change mania? Trumps only goal is to give a better life to the forgotten Americans who have fallen by the wayside, these past eight years. The media won’t cover them, so how could you possibly know they exist?

I’m done with this fucking country. I never liked being an American in the first place. Thankfully America is huge enough that it gives me plenty of space to hide away and forget. I was ashamed of being an American in the 60’s and I don’t see much difference now.

President Trump has avowed NOT to change Social Security and Medicare. That’s all I care about now that I am in my retirement years. The only thing Trump wants to change is the corruption and mismanagement of all those embezzled Medicare funds. Once Trump recovers that money, he’ll make Medicare Great Again.

I have no doubt that President Trump will succeed and Make American Great Again.    In the interim, if you are a Progressive Liberal, you’re not welcome in my house. The uber left is mentally sick. You are dying of a mental disease that is eating you up alive from the inside. Donald Trump won the election. He is your President fair and square. The Democrats can look under every rock and stone to find some Russian collusion.

You ain’t gonna find it.



8 thoughts on “This Is What Is Wrong With America

    • Florence, I stopped watching the news months ago. But this stuff with Griffin was everywhere. But you are most right and I have been trying very hard to live a stress free life right now.
      All I care about is Social Security, Medicare and interest rates on money I have saved in a bank. So far, all three are good to go.
      Thanks for worrying about me Florence! I appreciate it.


  1. Amen sister! I thought I’d pretty much seen it all, but this display was over-the-top sick. There is NOTHING funny about beheading. Those who don’t like President Trump are more than welcome to leave, and I honestly wish they would.

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  2. I have heard Kathy say she grew up in a Catholic family. She can’t be in good standing with the church any more, and probably doesn’t want to be.

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  3. We’ve cut the news watching way down. There’s just no point in it, really. DC politicians are going to do (or more likely not do) what they do and nothing we do (including electing someone to change it) is going to make a difference. What I find completely ironic (and moronic) is these folks at college campus’s (faculty included) violently protesting free speech, which they consider “hate speech”, but they don’t consider what something like that disgusting excuse for a human above did, as hate speech.

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    • Griffin’s another cry-baby liberal just like Hillary. Griffin doesn’t understand why she lost her jobs and her concerts are being cancelled. She doesn’t understand why she is getting death threats and why the Trumps are hating (bullying) on her.
      Yet she proudly proclaims she is going to keep on trashing Donald Trump in her stand up routines? When is this washed up, has-been gonna get to go to jail? Let’s hope the Secret Service do their job!


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