The Decline Of Aldi?

I’ve been shopping at Aldi for at least the last three years. Aldi is a German-based grocery store that specializes in limited selections, under their own brand name, so as to save the customer at least 30% to 50% off their grocery costs.

I used to rave about Aldi all the time. Lately, not so much. Granted yes, I’ve saved a bunch of money over the years BUT my local Aldi store has deteriorated in cleanliness and produce quality that after today, I am hesitant to ever shop there again. The filth and deplorable shopping conditions give me pause. The floors never look like they’ve been washed let alone even swept. Dirt is everywhere. Cardboard boxes strewn everywhere. Some of the produce is crawling with mold and deterioration.


Maybe this is the first sign of the decline of Aldi. Maybe they are slowly going out of business. I don’t know. I just know that there are more and more people shopping at Aldi and the store conditions keep deteriorating. I’ve written to corporate, shown them the following photos I’ve taken this morning. If they don’t literally ‘clean up their act’ within the week, I’m shopping someplace else. If the store interior looks as filthy as this, can you imagine what the stock must look like in the back of the store’s storage department? It’s probably crawling with mice, rats and vermin. UGH!

You decide. Click on any photo to enlarge and start slideshow. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “The Decline Of Aldi?

  1. I have not been shopping at Aldi as my regular grocery store for awhile now, since it is not as convenient as Kroger. I do try to stop in once a month to get half and half for our coffee, but I buy several at a time. I agree with you that their produce is hit or miss. When I get the half and half, I will maybe get a few other things if we are in need. Hubby likes the jars of jalapeños. Our store is clean, I think it is good you contacted corporate about your store. From your photos, I would have been very tempted to also contact the board of health in your city.

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    • Chris, I told Aldi if the store is not cleaned up in a week for my next visit there, I will indeed contact the Department of health and file a formal complaint. There is NO reason why we consumers be subjected to that filth and deplorable shopping conditions. What a disgrace.
      There is another ldi I can shop at but it is 20 minutes further away and I don’t have to pay a toll to go over a bride. I could also shop accross the street from our Aldi at Shop Rite. Their prices are very, very good PLUS they have more of a selection.
      Oh well.
      Live and Learn.
      My normal monthly shopping expense is $350 a month. This month, at Aldi I spent almost $479!!!!! Something is seriously wrong with this picture. We keep going back and back because we are running out of stuff sooner. Go figure!


  2. Wow-my Aldi’s is a few years (2-3) old and they just remodeled extrensively! Always ubber clean, stocked well, etc. The boxes, IME are thrown around by customers. Sorry your experience has been negative

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    • This Aldi went through a remodel a year ago. I think it is the new manager. He just doesn’t care and it shows. He’s a pig. The previous manager was a woman and you could see the difference. Women care!!! IMHO.


  3. We have three Aldi’s in our local community and all are well stocked and maintained. Like you, we shop there often to eat well within our retirement budget. Based on your pics, I can certainly see why you are dismayed. It’s good that you contacted corporate. A few badly managed stores could ruin the entire franchise.

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    • Hi Jeanie. Let’s hope that corporate does something quickly. I’ve been checking out food prices at other stores and i’m not liking what I see. Aldi contacted me and told me they are taking appropriate action. I’ll keep you posted.


  4. We just got one in our town last year.I love to shop there as i save money.Maybe your store is so busy and short staffed and can not take care of it? I have seen this in other stores. That is great you contacted them and they are looking into what you wrote about.


    • Ajn, I think that indeed the store has gotten way too busy and management can’t keep up with the crowd. They may have to look into better staffing the store.
      We’ll see. Management did contact me, thanked me for letting them know about the store and told me they take these things very seriously. Only time will tell.


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