A Very Frugal Wedding

This is the time of year when we are either attending graduation ceremonies or as I was yesterday, a wedding. These events can break our budgets if we are not too careful. As I mentioned in my last post, I did my manicure and pedicure myself, thus saving me $45 (including tip) from paying someone else to do it for me. The next thing I concerned myself regarding attending the wedding was ‘What Do I Wear?’ Since I technically have ‘nothing’ in my closet, due to a recent purge, I had to buy something for myself to wear to the wedding.

the dressUsually, buying a dress to wear to a major celebration can be a financial problem. Not for me. I have several ‘go-to’ top scale consignment shops I regularly carouse and I found this great, Calvin Klein wrap dress for only ten bucks. You read that right. I only paid $10 for this terrific designer dress.

Since it was a warm spring day, I wore my black espadrilles shoes. Tacked on a few diamonds, red lipstick (to match my red mani/pedi nails) and voila’. I was good to party with the best of them!

In the wedding invitation, the bride-to-be announced she was registered with two separate retailers. For our family, we used to like giving money as a wedding present. Over the years, that family tradition has changed. Brides-to-be want good quality stuff that they might not be able to afford. By registering with a luxury retailer they can get that special item they could have only dreamed about.

My gift budget was $100 and I found the perfect little item the bride and groom wanted from their Crate & Barrel registry. The item was wrapped, shipped and delivered at no extra charge. They even inserted a little gift card inscribed with a special message from DH and myself. DONE!

my food plateLastly, on the wedding invitation, there wasn’t a dinner selection request, so most of the attendees, including myself, assumed that the dinner was buffet style. Sure enough, there was a buffet set-up with at least twelve different choices for our dinner. Me, as well as the rest of the family, indulged in all the many choices on the buffet table. Little did we know that the buffet was actually appetizers and a full five course meal was on its way! Choice of prime rib, veal parmesan, roasted chicken or stuffed fillet of sole, all came with potato croquettes and Spanish peas, in addition to a mixed green Greek salad and a marinara pasta dish! This was way too much food and needless to say, nobody ate anything after the buffet. We all asked for doggie bags and we all took home our entrees.

It made a very nice, frugal lunch the next day.


4 thoughts on “A Very Frugal Wedding

  1. Wow! That dress looks marvelous on you! What a great find. Looks like you have drop some pounds. Did your cardiologist put you on a heart healthy diet Sincerely, Lara

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