This Is What Keeps Me Wealthy & Wise

nailsI have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I made an appointment to get both a manicure and a pedicure. Price for both, with tip would come to $45. I usually always get at least one pedicure ($27) at the beginning of summer. This year, I don’t know what it is, but I just didn’t want to spend the money. I have a foliating foot scrub by Dr. Scholl’s, which does a very good job of softening up the rough patches around my heels and toe nails. I clipped my toe and hand nails myself. I filed all 20 digits. I used the foot scrub and voila’ I had a good base to apply my own nail polish. Does it look professional? No, but that $45 is still in my wallet and that’s all I care about.

shoesI’ve been wanting a pair of Sketchers Walking shoes for two seasons now. I have a few appointments in NYC and I think these walkers will give me the professional look I need PLUS be comfortable on my poor, aching feet. I’ve been watching the prices & these shoes go for around $69 (plus tax). I went to DSW & found this pair for $62, a savings of $7. Plus, I got 2 sign-on bonuses as a new customer for $15 off my next purchase (hubby needs new hiking boots). After I purchased these shoes, I stopped into Marshall’s which was right next door to DSW. Guess what? Marshall’s was having a Sketcher’s close out sale! The same shoes were $34.95. SCORE!

IMG_5947My home office needed some serious upgrading. The carpeting had buckled (after 17 years of use) and the room was loaded with clutter. I got rid of the clutter, cleared out the shelves and cabinets, tossed any un-necessary furniture. I went to Lumber Liquidators and got a great price on new flooring. My budget was no more than $1.89 a sq ft. I got this great deal on brand-new, trendy, designer-engineered flooring for only $1.49 a sq ft. at a total of $280. I hired our carpenter with my husband acting as his helper (thus saving the cost of a 2nd worker) and paid $250 for the professional installation.

Needless to say, I love, love, love my new office. I re-located a leather chair out of my living room and set up a comfy reading corner in my new office without spending another dime. I also used an outdoor rug I had purchased last year for my deck and placed it in my office instead. Again, I didn’t spend another dime! (our deck is going to be stained & painted this year so there was no use for the outdoor rug there).

IMG_5943 2IMG_5945

Lastly, are my kitchen replacement appliances. I had a hard time with this. I know all the rage in kitchen appliances are the new stainless steel ones. But my experience with these stainless steel appliances has not been a positive one. They need constant, constant cleaning, which at my point in life, I have better things to do with my time. I researched these stainless steel appliances and in some instances, when comparing the stainless to the other white or black appliances, the quality and features were all the same. The only difference was the price. The stainless steel appliances were oftentimes priced 25% to 40% higher for no apparent reason except appearances. Being the frugal person that I am, I just couldn’t justify spending more money just to give in to a trend, which given its fifteen to seventeen year timeline might be nearing its fashionable end.

So, I opted to replace my dishwasher, refrigerator and stove with all new, white appliances from Frigidaire. These aren’t those older white models with those bumpy coverings that made them smudge-proof. Nope. These are the new, white appliances with a smoother, sleeker, shinier exterior, which personally, I think is going to be the next trend in kitchen appliances. Only time will tell.

All my new appliances were on sale at Lowe’s and I bought them using their 18 month no-interest loan (I don’t consider this debt. $79 for 18 months). The dishwasher was $279 (marked down from $359). The stove was $449 (marked down from $549). The refrigerator was $599 (marked down from $799, a BIG savings on this item!) Plus, I got a free ice maker valued at $49. Total for all appliances came to $1,327. If I had purchased the equivalent appliances in stainless steel, without the sale, the total would have come to $2,529.

Needless to say, I love, love, love my new, updated, more-modern kitchen. The stove is easy to use, has a great big window for me to see everything inside while its cooking. The 20.4 cu. in. refrigerator is huge and so much easier to access than my old side-by-side. AND everything is staying nice and clean. I wipe everything down once at night, after dinner and it stays that way! PLUS, when I think about all the money I saved by being frugal and more realistic, my new kitchen makes me very, very happy.

It’s all about the wallet baby. It’s all about the wallet.


hubby & delivery man prepping new appliances


the finished look


12 thoughts on “This Is What Keeps Me Wealthy & Wise

  1. I just found you again via “Don’t Read This; It’s Boring”. Please stick around. Reading your previous posts, I see you’ve had a heart attack at some point–wouldn’t you think it was when you were feeling so poorly? Your home looks very nice. Hang loose and enjoy life.

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    • Hi Carole. I know my heart attack was brought on by family stress. Stress can kill and sometimes family can be a bit offensive. Best to find a balance and also shrug your shoulders and just do what is right for yourself. I’m finding that out the hard way.
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.


  2. I think your manicure looks just fine! I have never had a pedicure. I don’t like people touching my feet unless it is a foot rub, a GENTLE foot rub. Plus, I fear getting a fungus from the pedicure at a shop. I have not had a manicure since 1993. I just bought for about $7 a gel and the black bottle of topcoat. It works just fine.

    I read that stainless steel is slowly losing favor. I hate the look and would not want to maintain it. That pebbly surface is hard to clean. Ask me how I know. Your kitchen looks fabulous. I like the savings on the office, too!

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    • Thanks Linda. Believe it or not I did one year get a fungus from a salon. It was awful. Had to go to a pediatrist to finally get rid of it. OTC stuff didn’t work!
      Thanks about my kitchen and office. I love the new spaces.


  3. I also found you thru Sluggy @ Don’t read this, it’s boring. I recently retired from a 30 year career due to stress, have added a modest income stream to supplement my reduced retirement pension, as I retired early due to health. Haven’t been happier in years! Recently bought my forever home, a modest 3 bed/2 bath ranch that I am extensively remodeling/upgrading with energy conservation, safety in mind. I, too, have always preferred white appliances. Need to replace a fridge? no worries that you can’t find the avocado, harvest gold, copper, almond etc to match. They are called “white goods” for a reason!

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    • Hi Carol. Welcome to my blog.
      Stress is a killer. There’s no doubt about it.
      Glad you’re happier than ever and in your forever home. Good for you! Take your time doing the upgrading. Enjoy the process. It’s fun!
      My husband just told me this morning that he loves our new fridge. It’s roomy, works great, saving us money on energy costs (over the older bigger model). You just can’t help remembering about all the money you are saving and in retirement, that’s all it sometimes matter!
      Glad you are here!


  4. So glad to have you back to blogging. Stick around this time, would ya! Depending on what you write about, writing can be a great stress reliever. Looking forward to many more blog posts from you!

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