Life Is All About Boundaries

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about living within boundaries. I suppose it’s some jibber-jab psycho babble. Nonetheless, everyone seems to be prioritizing and setting up personal boundaries. After DH and my recent heart-health scares, I can understand why. Setting up boundaries can come in handy when you want a stress-free living environment.

And that’s exactly what we want right now. DH and I want to live in a stress-free environment for as much as as long as possible. That means eliminating toxic people out of our lives and prioritizing what’s now important to us. Where and how we live is Number One. We love the mountains and we love the beach. We’re happy with our destination choices. Our Florida condo is recently built (2016) with new and newish furniture, so no need to update that living space. DH and I knew we needed to tackle our NY home. After nearly 17 years, it was time to update and start modernizing the New York abode. Carpeting was removed and those new, engineered wood floors were installed. Oodles of clutter was purged out of our closets, basement and attic. Massive legal documents dating back to the stone age were professionally shredded. Craigslist became our new, best retail location to sell and profit from all of our junk.

IMG_5941 2Our kitchen was updated with a new quartz counter top, new stainless steel sink and goose-neck faucet, new stainless steel venting system and all appliances were replaced with new, modern, white appliances (I despise stainless steel appliances because they always look messy and need constant cleaning. No thanks!)

DH finally finished installing electricity in the barn. Maybe now he can finally finish replacing the engine in his 2000 Jeep hobby. I can finally see the floor in the basement and can easily walk over to the washer and dryer without toppling something over. Imagine that?

Once we got our house in order (literally) it was time to review friends and family who might be causing us (me) internal (un-necessary) stress. This is where setting up new boundaries will really come in order. DH and I no longer want to spend our leisure time with friends arguing or discussing world and political events. Like-minded people have helped us immensely in creating a stress-free environment. This same theory applies to our family. The speech and debate club has officially retired. We’re mostly concerned with Medicare, Social Security and bank interest rates. We’re also more concerned with traveling, enjoying life, enjoying the grandkids and simply just sitting back and watching the world pass us by. This is the point in life you have worked all your life to achieve. I’m certainly not going to let some political has-been take this precious time away from me!

Life will go on. And we are going to enjoy every single second of it.



2 thoughts on “Life Is All About Boundaries

  1. Hi Cindi, I really like your new counter top and sink. It looks nice with your cabinets and I have similar ones, only oak. I want to get a new counter top and sink before hubby retires. Our house was built in the mid ’90s and is a contemporary style. It still has the light oak everything. I know the home channels say it is out dated but I still like it and it looks good with the style of our house, IMO.

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    • Thanks Chris. My cabinets are maple, which I think goes with every color. It’s a very nice, pleasing wood. But alas, I think when it comes time to sell my home, the new owner is going to rip the guts out of my kitchen. Oh well. But for right now, it suits me just fine! And I’m the one living in it, so there!!!! LOL.


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